The survivors asked us, with tears in their eyes: “Go back to your homes and report all that you’ve seen, so that this can never happen again! This story has to be told, because he who forgets his past is doomed to relive it!”
The Rwanda genocide may be just an “historical” pretext to talk about every genocide, be it from the past or an actual one. From Kosovo to Cambodia, from Bosnia to Congo, the story of Augustin and Cecile, the film’s main characters, goes beyond limits of space and time and becomes the image of the values of peace, integration and toughness, an outcry of accusation against every human rights violation in every time and place.

With the deepest disregard from international community, one of the most appalling – and forgotten – dramas of 20th century history takes place. A sum of records will be achieved: a huge number of casualties, the largest movement of refugees in history, the most despicable failure of international politics.
One page from our late past, talking about economics and crisis, disparities and racism, overexploitation and international interests, but also about courage, brotherhood and friendship of thousands of people sharing one deep consciousness, worth fighting for to the end: being part of one great family, Mankind.