Directed By: Matthew Charles Thompson | Runtime: 4 min | Plays In Short Block: Drama 4

Writer’s Statement
I wrote “Talismans” in four hours one late night in October 2017. I had grown exhausted failing to pry clips from producers for my actor reel so was taking matters into my own hands. Little did I realize that exercise – hyper-focusing down to a character type I could marketably play tomorrow – had tapped into a part of me I have long neglected to explore, namely settling up between who I am and who I thought I would be. As a single, under-employed gay man, its hard to fathom easily bringing a child into this world, especially into a world where I am far less anything than I ever imagined I would be. But as with all parents, who have children to show the world to and pass along all they know, its their children who reflect back who they really are. My dad thinks my grandpa would have really liked this short.


October 22, 201912:45 PMTheater 9
October 24, 20195:30 PMTheater 7

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Film Type: Short
Main Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Action
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: Florida