“Sin novedad” (“No News”)

Directed By: Miguel Berzal de Miguel | Runtime: 70 min | Plays In Short Block: None

“Sin novedad” (“No News”) is a 2017 Spanish psychological and social drama film. It’s the debut feature of Spanish writer, director and opera singer Miguel Berzal de Miguel (1991). The film, starring Silvia Espigado, was premiered at Alicante International Film Festival 2018.
“No News” got 19 candidatures for 2019 Goya Awards and 7 selections (included “Best Film”) at prestigious Forqué Films Awards 2019. It has received great critical reviews of National and International Film Festivals and Film Critics in Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Iceland, Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Chile or USA: “Powerful and Visceral. Wears its heart on its sleeve. An emotional rollercoaster. Visually Beautiful. An emotional journey into the mind” (Gold Movie Awards, London); “Captured our attention from beginning to end, such a thrilling ride and powerful performances!” (Oklahoma); “Excellent acting and art direction” (Germany); “Fresh and innovative with a gripping storyline” (USA); “Deep and thought provoking film” (France) or “A gripping story about the hardships of family” (Austria).
For example, AISGE, a very important cultural Spanish media said about “No News”: “The independent cinema of 2018 in Spain can boast of new jewel. Personal and shocking drama. Spectacular Silvia Espigado”.
The Original Music was composed by Javier Berzal de Miguel (1995), the younger brother of the director. Javier has been candidate for “Best Original Music” at Goya Awards.


October 18, 20197:00 PMTheater 7
October 22, 20196:30 PMTheater 8

* If filmmakers are present, there will be a 15 minute Q&A after the end credit sequence.


Film Type: Feature
Main Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Psychological
Country of Origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Premiere Status: Orlando