Do Not Reply

Directed By: Daniel Woltosz, Walt Woltosz | Runtime: 100 min | Plays In Short Block: Horror

DO NOT REPLY is a psychological abduction thriller about Chelsea (Amanda Arcuri, Degrassi: Next Class), a lonely teenage high school girl who falls prey to a social media predator (Jackson Rathbone, Twilight Saga). She agrees to meet him at a Halloween warehouse party, where she is drugged and abducted. Chelsea wakes up, chained in an underground shelter, and after being conditioned to behave, is allowed to stay in his fortified house with three other teenage girls. Chelsea soon discovers that Brad kills the girls he abducts while wearing a virtual reality camera helmet so that he can experience it again and again. Chelsea desperately attempts to convince the other girls to try to escape, but to have a fighting chance, she must push her morals and values beyond what she ever imagined.


October 22, 20194:15 pmTheater 8
October 24, 20192:30 pmTheater 7

* If filmmakers are present, there will be a 15 minute Q&A after the end credit sequence.


Film Type: Feature
Main Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Horror
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: East Coast