Directed By: Sonia Boudreau | Runtime: 4 min | Plays In Short Block: Animation 1

On the moon there is a sea called the Ocean of Storms. Its name comes from a superstition of recurring bad weather at the moon’s last quarter. Through a series of metaphors, the film addresses humanity’s great theme of self-destruction, a celestial storm caused by human action. With mankind as passengers, a wanderer hero floats inside an infinite universe, taking us on a poetic odyssey. The order reigning over the cosmos, this entity uniting heaven and earth, Gods and men is disrupted by the sheer ambition of our hero. A devious upheaval causing the stars to disappear.


October 18, 201911:00 AM Theater 9
October 21, 20194:00 PM Theater 9

* If filmmakers are present, there will be a 15 minute Q&A after the end credit sequence.


Film Type: Short
Main Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Experimental
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: USA