Directed By: Cameron Gordon | Runtime: 15 min | Plays In Short Block: Web Series Comedy

Tony has just been told he has six months to live. Exactly six months. He’s going to die on April the 4th. A Tuesday. Though he’s not been told what time of day. Nor what he has. The Doctors are baffled. They Googled it and everything. Unfortunately, TV and Films have lied, and the news of his death has not brought a revelation or epiphany, nor an urge to fulfil a bucket list. In fact, he has no money or motivation, and no helpful friends or family whatsoever to change the unbearably shitty life that he ungratefully and miserably inhabits. Then somebody unexpected comes along to give a helping hand.


October 19, 20186:15 PMTheater 9
October 22, 201812:15 PMTheater 9

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Film Type: Short
Main Genre: Comedy
Sub Genre: Dark
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: East Coast