Directed By: M.A. McMillan | Runtime: 12 min | Plays In Short Block: None

When Professor Ross E. Davies attended law school, he ran across a discontinued, quirky law journal called “The Green Bag.” Years later, he re-established the journal, and began making some of the most exclusive and valuable bobble head dolls – those representing Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Professor Davies takes us into the world of these cherished trinkets and shows us the whimsical side of some of the world’s most serious legal professionals.


October 19, 201912:30 PM Theater 10
October 22, 20198:00 PM Theater 9

* If filmmakers are present, there will be a 15 minute Q&A after the end credit sequence.


Film Type: Short
Main Genre: Documentary
Sub Genre: Historical
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: World