A Peculiar Thud

Directed By: Ross Morin | Runtime: 14 min | Plays In Short Block: Horror

Based on actual events, ​A Peculiar Thud is a short horror/thriller film about a home invasion in the middle of the night. It takes place in real time as Bill wakes up to an unusual banging sound downstairs. He makes his way through his labyrinthine home to find a man at his door asking to come in – and he won’t take no for an answer. Bill is forced to defend himself in his own domestic space, eventually taking matters into his own hands and confronting the intruder. One of them doesn’t make it out alive.


October 21, 20178:15 pmTheater 9
October 24, 20178:30 pmTheater 7

* If filmmakers are present, there will be a 15 minute Q&A after the end credit sequence.


Film Type: Short
Main Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Thriller
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: None
Premiere Status: Florida