“Go-Boy!” is prison slang for escaping. No Canadian was a “Go-Boy!” more than Roger Caron. Over 24 years, he escaped an incredible thirteen times. It was no wonder he escaped so much. Rehabilitation to Roger came in the form of regular beatings, shock therapy, extended periods of solitary confinement and medical experimentation. It wasn’t until Roger taught himself to write while living under the brutal conditions of the notorious Kingston Penitentiary, that he discovered a new way to escape, through the power of his words. Go-Boy! Memories of a Life Behind Bars chronicles the true story of Roger Caron, who defied all odds by becoming an award-winning author by exposing the inhumaneness and hardships of the penal system.
“Go-Boy! Memories of a Life Behind Bars”, examines one man’s story, who found the power of his words as a way to ultimately escape the harsh realities of prison.