OFF embraces an integrated, holistic commitment for every filmmaker. Our industry panels and workshops are engaging and interactive, offering a direct link from professionals to filmmakers, addressing all facets of film production, from inspiration of project to distribution –and everything in-between. Each day offers an opportunity to educate, enlighten and reward guests with experiences that promote synergy and creativity.  Filmmakers naturally build and enhance networks in this environment of collaboration.


“Best Pitch Award” Presented October 21

Day 1: Pitch Workshop | October 17 at 12:30 – 3:00 pm – Theater 7
Day 2: Pitch The Pros | October 18 at 12:30 – 3:45 pm – Theater 7

The Pros: Eric Flemming, Tracy Frenkel and Daniel Springen

Pitch Bootcamp is your chance to discover how to pitch your film and TV ideas like a Hollywood insider.  It is hosted by Co-CEO of Sell Your TV Concept Now, author and pitch expert, Mark Simon. With over 4,000 production credits (including 44 features), he has landed over 35 deals for his own film and TV projects. Day 1 will focus on what goes into a successful pitch and how to land them. There will be interactive pitch practice with pitch-backs, where Mark will pitch contestant’s ideas back to them. Day 2 is the BIG PITCH.

After this session, attendees will know:

• How to land face-to-face pitch meetings with HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Universal, Fox and more.
• The flow of a pitch to get the best results
• 1-on-1 live pitch practice and critiques for those who volunteer.
• How to pitch your show like a seasoned super-producer.
• #1 pitch strategy to establish your credibility.
• Top 3 questions you’ll be asked in a pitch.
• The MANDATORY pitch package element every project must have.


2020 Information coming soon.

Whether you plan to self-distribute or try to find a distributor to pick up your film, you must present your project in its best light. From set stills, poster design, trailer editing and timing, enhance your approach with a dedicated plan. This OFF select group of industry professionals will guide you on your way to making the best deal possible and will offer tips on how to get your work noticed — and out to the world.


Our panels are bright and inviting and provide perspective on the industry as a whole. This year we will continue with our “Concept to Completion” model offering seven days of education covering multiple phases of the film industry.
10/16 – WRITING 
10/20 – EDITING
10/21 – AUDIO POST



2020 Information coming soon.

OCT 16

12:45 – 2:45 pm
Theater 7


2020 Information coming soon.

OCT 18

11:45 – 2:15 pm
Theater 11


2020 Information coming soon.

OCT 18

12:30 – 2:30 pm
Theater 7


2020 Information coming soon.

OCT 20

5:00 – 7:00 pm
Theater 7


Nightly After-Parties

When the films wind down, OFF networking festivities commence. Join us at a new venue every night and fully embrace your Downtown Orlando festival experience.  Unique locations change the vibe: from low key mixers to all-out dance parties and everything in-between. There’s something for everyone and it’s the perfect way to make new industry connections and friends for life.

Opening Night – October 15 | 5 pm

Join the cast and crew of our opening night film and share stories, toasts and good times deep into the night. The room is always energized and lifelong memories, industry connections and friends are made.

Welcome Home – October 16 | 11 pm

One of the OFF favorites.  It’s our way of showing appreciation to the hundreds of filmmakers that join us every year. We reminisce with alumni and share a toast at closing time to commemorate our commitment to the new group of OFF Filmmakers and initiate them into the family.

Filmmaker Appreciation – October 22 | 11 pm

As we reflect on the final films of the festival, it’s time to share one more evening of camaraderie with the new and returning  brilliant minds that breathe life into OFF. It’s here the festival staff and filmmakers have a chance to celebrate together and recall all of the lifelong memories forged throughout the week. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but on more than one occasion, we’ve found ourselves eating street food into the wee hours, planning for next October.


This night is jam packed with music, award winners, and excitement. It’s this night where the world hears for the first time which films will have a shot at our unrivaled list of thirty four award categories. Multiple screenwriters receive accolades and awards for their efforts and the winning feature screenplay writer learns that their work will be read aloud by professional actors the following day. Lights, cameras, red carpet, and plenty of press collide making for a spectacular night to remember.



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