Horror 1

 Horror 1

 Jack Is Pretty

Jack is Pretty_001

Amid the chaos and instability of growing up with neglectful parents, and the taunting of a bully, a little girl strikes out to find order, happiness, and an understanding of the world around her. As the dangers surrounding her come closing in, her world brightens when she finds the solace of friendship and love in an old Jack In The Box.


Runtime: 26m 24s

Knob Goblins

Knob Goblin_02

As part of his final psychotherapy treatment, a mental patient is allowed to return to his deserted childhood home, so he can face his fears involving the death of his younger brother.


Runtime: 7m 35s

Night of the Slasher


Runtime: 11m 16s


Polaroids_Still_25 copy

Ari Thomson has just separated from her husband, Kaiser, and moved into a new house. Kaiser is unwilling to let go of the relationship and the two get into a fight. Kaiser storms out and Ari is left alone. When Ari goes to the attic later, she discovers a mysterious wooden trunk with a Polaroid camera waiting inside.


Runtime: 9m 45s

Saturday Afternoon

Every day over 2,300 Americans are reported missing. Only half of those people are found. Where do the bodies go?


Runtime: 10m 38s

The Cart

Runtime: 5m 46s