Foreign Comedy 1

Foreign Comedy 1

 The Grill Man


When an arrogant new owner fires his two grill men after 20 years of dedicated work, they vow to get revenge and rob the place during Brazil’s first World Cup match. What they never expect are the customers to stand in their way.


Runtime: 12m 10s

 The House Job

In debt with a dangerous loan shark, Paulo plans an insurance fraud to get money. However, a series of events puts his plan in jeopardy.


Runtime: 17m 20s


An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet. It brings the world to their doorstep, but even more importantly, it offers the world the chance to finally discover what’s happening in the remote village of Ingatambo.


Runtime: 27m 39s