Showings for Youth Filming Youth

October 20th, 2013 @ 12:10 PM – 1:30 PM — Theatre 10


There are student shorts in nearly every program but these young filmmakers each provide a unique perspective on being a kid.

  • The In Between – This story revolves around a troubled teenager tormented by the issues of adolescence and dealing with bullies at school. Directed by Jackie Dozier.
  • The Bluff – A teenage bully must make a tough decision when he takes responsibility for the death of one of his most recent targets. Directed by Owen Schwartzbard.
  • Sincerely Kati – A letter from summer camp turns life upside down. Directed by Samantha Witmore.
  • Color Me Invisible – 32 young adults created this Sci-Fi short about a society where students must abandon their identities at the age of 13 when they are assigned to a new group of friends. Directed by Nasya Kastelik.

*** Parents, please be advised that some of these shorts deal with bullying and may be too intense for younger children. ***