Showings for Search for Jefferson Davis – Documentary Feature

October 22nd, 2011 @ 2:10pm — Theatre 12

One hundred fifty years ago, America was embroiled in a terrible Civil War (1861-1865). Early into that conflict, the Confederate government issued letters of marque, creating privateers that preyed upon Union shipping. Confederate privateers acted in support of an almost nonexistent rebel navy. The most successful of those marauders was the brig Jefferson Davis. Lost on the St. Augustine Bar in August of 1861, underwater archaeologists from the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program are engaged in a search for this vessel. The Jefferson Davis started life as a merchant ship known as the Putnam, then slipped into a dark period as a slave trader named Echo, and finally ended her career as the Union Navy’s “most wanted.” The quest to find this lost shipwreck is a journey into our shared maritime past.