Showings for Plumiferos – Animated Feature

October 21st, 2011 @ 12:30pm — Theatre 7

Juan: a sparrow that feels ordinary and underestimates his own race. Accidentally, he changes the way he looks, and the same reason that will make him feel unique is what is going to put his life in danger. Feifi: a beautiful canary that manages to escape from the cage of a network tycoon (Mr. Puertas), and starts trying a new life in freedom, as a common bird. Both of them will need to be something that they aren’t and will face danger and adventures with their friends, the Pigeon, the Humming Bird; and some more. A clumsy cat, some psycho Southern Lapwings and Mr. Puertas will make everything even harder for them. Juan and Feifi will try to shape their destiny to feel truly free.

Directed by:  Daniel De Filippo &  Gustavo Giannini