April in Paris

April in Paris

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Two world-renowned musicians: she – from Georgia, he –from Israel, both
living in Paris. She – a young star pianist, he – a violin legend of our time. Their dialogue of love and passion in the language of music and
poetry, beyond space and time


Featuring  Ivry Gitlis  Khatia Buniatishvili

Directed and Produced by Giga Chkheidze

Spirit Cabinet

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

When Marina calls Gideon, he thinks for once nice guys don’t finish last.

However, their “date” turns out to be a newspaper assignment in the
crumbling old brownstone where Marina’s arrogant boss, Trevor, plans a
séance to expose a psychic — and prove once and for all that his wife’s
best friend is dead… and gone.

But Trevor’s wife isn’t alone sensing otherworldly restlessness. The dead
woman’s daughter swears objects appear and disappear. The psychic’s
terrified assistant sets out more talismans and charms.

And now Gideon sees visions of a mysterious woman in blue light.

Every ghost story is a mystery.

Lies I Told My Little Sister

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

A family trip. Packing all the childhood baggage.
A globe-trotting photographer is guilted onto a family vacation to Cape Cod
with the younger sister she used to torment. Amid loss, recriminations,
revelations, a very strange shopkeeper and an old romance, they square off
against the patterns of childhood. Comedy-drama
GRAND PRIZE: NJ Int’l Film Festival
BEST FAMILY DRAMA: Manhattan Film Festival
BEST OF THE FEST: Gasparilla Int’l Film Festival
BEST ACTRESS NOMINEE, ELLEN FOLEY: Golden Door Int’l Film Festival
Directed by William J. Stribling
Produced by Jonathan Weisbrod
Written by judywhite & Jonathan Weisbrod

98 min. www.liesitoldmylittlesister.com

Project: Shattered Silence

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
A candid, heartbreaking, humorous, and revealing look at the lives of
teenagers who find the courage to finally speak their truths, and perform
their real-life stories in the masterfully woven production, 'Project:
Shattered Silence'.  Each story peels back the layers of the human
experience, and ultimately shines with the proof that despite seemingly
insurmountable hurdles, the teens persevere. And along the way they inspire
people of all ages on the merits of forgiveness, and the pure joy of
finding love deep in your heart, sometimes even for yourself.

Featuring – Jared O’Roark, the creator of the theatrical production, and the 46 teenagers in the cast of “Project: Shattered Silence.
DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY: 8 Time Emmy Award-Winner, Colleen Hamilton


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Based on the true story of (Orlando Woman) writer/director, Gina M. Garcia’s, heroic survival of her childhood stranger abduction from the Fashion Square Mall. Eight-year-old Gina survives the brutal attack by making the choice to jump from the abductor’s (Brian Gaskill) moving car. Her parents Charlie (Carlos Gomez) and Mary (Melody Butiu) were urged by the police to pretend that the assault had never happened. Twenty-five years later, Gina (Terri Ivens) is a victim of a hate crime, which sparks disturbing flashbacks of the transgressions of her youth. Her therapist at the V.A. Hospital advises Gina to join a P.T.S.D. support group. The eclectic group of female veterans encourages her to peel away the layers of her families’ lies and confront her mother who holds the truth.


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Reggie Kipper is a twelve year old cello prodigy, composer, and over all
genius. Eleanor Fallon is a twenty three year old struggling musician who
has just been fired from her waitressing job, dumped her slacker boyfriend
and moved out of their East Village dive apartment. Flat broke and out of
options, she is about to return to her hometown in Upstate, NY when her
friend suggests a temporary position as an au pair. Eleanor ends up on
Reggie’s very upscale, very uptown doorstep and is given the job.

Reggie’s slightly unhinged mother decides to spend the summer in China with
her husband and Reggie’s stepfather. Eleanor and Reggie embark on a summer
adventure that neither of them ever expected and forge a friendship that
neither of them will ever forget.


* Leighton Meester*
*Billie Joe Armstrong*
*Debra Messing*

Written and Directed by

*Frank Whaley*

Wisconsin Rising

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

*Wisconsin Rising* tells the story of the largest sustained workers
resistance in American history.  In 2011, Wisconsin was the canary in the
coal mine for America as newly-elected Republican Governor Scott Walker
suddenly stripped collective bargaining rights from the state’s public
employees, undoing eight decades of basic workers’ rights. *Wisconsin
Rising* catapults the viewer in to the days, weeks, and months when
Wisconsinites fought back against power, authority, and injustice.

Following conservative Governor Scott Walker’s announcement of his
controversial ‘Budget Repair Bill,’ the people of Wisconsin rose up,
occupied their state capitol and took to the streets as rarely before seen
in American History. Their collective actions are the largest sustained
gathering of any workers resistance in US history.


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Bad City is on the edge of falling into the hands of a madman, you dig? A strange and
funky new party drug is killing kids left and right and that jive-ass, crooked city
councilor Dominic Kincaid is behind it all. After murdering the mayor, Kincaid has his
sights set on taking over and running the city his way, the bad way. Thankfully, the one
and only superfly Detective Franky New Guinea and his new partner, the truly unruly
Detective Reverend Grizzly Night-Bear, are here to make sure that Bad City stays
groovy and is run the good way: the BAD way (it’s different from the first bad way, and
better). So get ready to boogie, cats, ’cause these cops are outta sight like dy-no-mite
and the only thing they love more than sex, drugs, and growing body hair is taking
down turkeys like Kincaid who threaten their BAD CITY.

Starring: Dustin Milligan, Aaron Brooks, Amanda Crew, David
Cubitt, Reece Thompson and Tom Scholte
Directed by: Carl Bessai

The Maladjusted

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Three friends struggle to maintain their hedonistic lifestyles as they settle into their 30′s. Drinking, fighting, sex and a hint of wanting to grow up; these are just a few things that drive this group. Delving into their story, we become subjected to their
inane theories, absurd philosophies and warped sense of humor. Let these tenets of The Maladjusted commence.


George Katt (Valley of Angels; Red Sheep)
Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2; The Prometheus Project; ZOMBthology)
Clayton Myers (Heaven Burns; The Guide)

Directed By:
Chris Kiros


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
“The geeks have inherited the earth; the rest of you just don’t know it yet.”
In San Francisco, during September, 2012, nine months before Edward Snowden leaked documents that prove the NSA spies on everyone—Will, a freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program called Shepherd. After his friend is apartment burns down and his friend is kidnapped, Will must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of those around him.