The Past Is Not Forgotten

The Past Is Not Forgotten

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


These shorts deal with the common idea that the past always has a way of catching up with you.

  • Tysis – Special Forces Sargent John Anderton attempts to live a normal life after multiple years in combat but must now battle a god-like enemy to protect the things he holds dear. Directed by Chris Beemer.
  • El Camaleon – Scarred by a tragic past, Jaime must decide whether or not to revert to his violent ways when someone from the recesses of his childhood returns. Directed by Israel Gutierrez.
  • Unburden – A bedtime story about a robin chick who falls from its nest turns into a dramatic confession, as Joy relives a tragic accident. Directed by Andrew Young.
  • Lost Lives – Some say, it only takes a moment to forget a lifetime of memories, but for Joel it takes a lifetime to forget the horrible memories of the past. Directed by Lex Schmeetz.

Youth Filming Youth

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


There are student shorts in nearly every program but these young filmmakers each provide a unique perspective on being a kid.

  • The In Between – This story revolves around a troubled teenager tormented by the issues of adolescence and dealing with bullies at school. Directed by Jackie Dozier.
  • The Bluff – A teenage bully must make a tough decision when he takes responsibility for the death of one of his most recent targets. Directed by Owen Schwartzbard.
  • Sincerely Kati – A letter from summer camp turns life upside down. Directed by Samantha Witmore.
  • Color Me Invisible – 32 young adults created this Sci-Fi short about a society where students must abandon their identities at the age of 13 when they are assigned to a new group of friends. Directed by Nasya Kastelik.

*** Parents, please be advised that some of these shorts deal with bullying and may be too intense for younger children. ***

Animation Shorts

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


Showcasing a wide variety of technique & style, each of these animated masterpieces is a work of art.

  • Monkey Rag – Mitzi and Spanko the Walking Palm run amok in this bouncy romp set to the thumping sounds of the Asylum Street Spankers. Directed by Joanna Davidovich.
  • Pupsock & Wendell Vs. The Sky Pirates – When Princess Kathryn is abducted into a flying pirate ship, the Prince turns to Professional Princess Rescuers, Pupsock & Wendell. Directed by Patrick Algermissen.
  • Fear of Flying – A small bird with a FEAR OF FLYING tries to avoid heading South for the winter. Directed by Conor Finnegan.
  • The House With Nobody In It – To most people, it’s just a house with nobody in it. Inspired by Joyce Kilmer’s 1914 poem. Directed by David Carnegie.
  • Killer App – A young girl runs into some problems, when her father asks her to do some gardening. Directed by Elizabeth Herrick.
  • Light Me Up – Meet the Wattsons, a family of light bulbs that work in an antique shop. Directed by Ryan Walton.
  • Handi & V – Grandpa V takes time capsules and start to find his lost happiness. Directed by Fenway Fan.
  • Love Me Knot – A story about an anchor line that is shunned by the other newer, classier lines on a sailboat. Directed by Maryellen Atkins.
  • King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields – Eight-year-old Kimi falls asleep during a chess match in Central Park and imagines that the white king piece in his chess game has come to life. Directed by Tunde Reid-Kapo.
  • SP #6 – Theme is mythology, role, alienation, religion and a little madness. Directed by Carl Knickerbocker.
  • Pyrotechnician’s Daughter – Birdie-Lou is at the height of her career as a nuclear weapon engineer when she falls in love with a peace protestor. Directed by Courtney Taniguchi.
  • Pet Bird (Destimação)  – A parrot is seduced by the beautiful images of a light box and disrupts the morbid living room routine. Directed by Ricardo de Podesta.
  • Gravediggers Tale – The gravedigger leads a solitary existence, so far from the living, yet so close to the dead. This is her story. A love story. Directed by Min Young Oh.

Foreign Drama 3

Sunday, August 25th, 2013
  • The Green Line – A child gives a man a small plant that brings about a huge transformation in his life. Directed by Anu karakkat.
  • My Forest (Ma foret) – With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, mysteries and meetings. Directed by Sebastien Pins.
  • Go Up – A social outcast lives life vicariously through fake profiles created online. Directed by Roman Kayumov.
  • The Book – A teenager in the Ukraine stands at a point of decision- to sell drugs like his friends or follow his literature teacher’s advice to seek a higher path. Directed by Mike Peckham.
  • Damn Girl (Fucking Tøs)– Confronted with an incipient sexuality, a 12-year-old tomboy fights the changes that are taking place within and around her. Directed by Kira Richards Hansen.
  • Worthless (Zibidi) – Three friends hanging around in a cafe, make plans on where to go. Directed by Nart Zeqiraj.
  • Who’s Afraid Of The Big Black Wolf? (Kdo se boji črnega moža?) – A
multicultural triangle between a little shepherd
and two officers from opposite sides in 1944 occupied Central Europe. Directed by Janez Lapajne.

Foreign Drama 2

Sunday, August 25th, 2013
  • Rear Mirror (Retrovisor) – A car accident brings about conflicting emotions for an unfaithful girlfriend. Directed by Alberto Lavin.
  • Postaction – Alex kidnaps police officers in hopes of finding the father he never knew. Directed by Pascal Savard.
  • HomeMade (Tozeret Bait) – A mother from a kibbutz commits to clearing her son’s name after he is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. Directed by Lior Sagi.
  • The Naked Leading The Blind – A dissection of the human condition on a hot summer’s day blurred by alcohol, late night television and smoldering spirituality. Directed by Wim Vanacker.
  • The Blue Train (Le Train Bleu) – Elie behaves like a true bounder but Selena still wants to pick up the pieces to their relationship. Directed by Stephanie Assimacopoulo.
  • Lao – When an earthquake destroys an Italian city of L’Aquila, Lao is thrust into a world of loneliness and confusion. Directed by Gabriele Sabatino Nardis.

Foreign Drama 1

Sunday, August 25th, 2013
  • Empty Paper Bag – Sam suffers a mental disorder causing him to no longer recognize familiar faces. Directed by Majid Sarvini.
  • Machsom – Yaniv Greenblatt, a barely 19 Israeli soldier, is stationed at one of the most dangerous such checkpoints along the West Bank. Directed by Joel Novoa.
  • Suriname Gold – While searching for her husband in the gold mines of Suriname, Magali, Silva uncovers a forsaken world of politics and prostitution. Directed by Paulo Henrique Testolini.

Dramatic Shorts

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


These 7 shorts pack quite an emotional punch.

  • No One Knows – When twelve-year old Jason looks in his neighbor’s window, he learns he’s not the only kid living in an abusive environment. Directed by Bunee Tomlinson.
  • Near Death – An emotionally detached oncologist offers illegal synthetic near-death experiences to those who are knocking on death’s door. Directed by Andrew Bryan.
  • Rapid Intervention – Chris Davidson lost his hearing in 1979. Now in his forties, he is coming to terms with the disability but not with his dire financial situation. Directed by Mark Collins.
  • The Journal – Meredith’s estranged son died in a car accident but through his journal she discovers the world that he kept secret from her. Directed by Alex Bright.
  • Black Bird – A young boy becomes a witness to a series of coincidences between his fellow classmates and a strange black bird that seems to target the next to die. Directed by Jared Cooley.
  • Frames – After not getting a foreman job, a small town carpenter faces the new boss in a bowling match that teaches him the importance of family. Directed by Zachary Mehrbach.

Mixed Shorts

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


Looking for some variety? The only thing these shorts have in common is how incredibly unique they all are!

  • Tomorrow – A short about the mystery of what tomorrow may bring… Directed by Dale Ward.
  • Saving Me – When two girls vie for the love of Lead Singer Tom Huestis, of the band SoulSwitch, he struggles to decide which girl to get with. Directed by Adam Arnali.
  • Phoenix Song – A frustrated art student reconnects with a soul she has reincarnated with numerous times over history, in a last attempt to clear their karma. Directed by Kate Marzullo.
  • The Break – A short drama that explores longing and desire through a juxtaposition of a sensual exploration of the similarities between food and sex. Directed by Nika Jaksic.
  • Head Over Heels – The story of how two lives begin to intertwine until the two people are brought together through circumstance. As told entirely by their shoes. Directed by Michael Berberette.
  • Fun World – People enter and exit our lives; some with consequence and some without. Memory is all we have to give context to the present, and as such our histories are ever evolving. Directed by Daniel Watkins.
  • Rebound – Soon after breaking-up with her boyfriend, a flower delivery-driver falls for a mannequin she sees in a shop-window. Directed by Terry Smith.
  • Tears in the Cock – Walter is on a surreal, musical trip through the wrong doings of his life as he is stalked by an unnamed menace that lives underneath Walter’s crumbling, hedonistic world. Directed by Mikey Leonard.

Comedy Shorts

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


These shorts are guaranteed to make you laugh*

  • Why I Make Movies – A short explanation of one filmmaker’s unsatisfying life at work and home but glamorous lifestyle when he’s accepted into film festivals. Directed by Sam Frazier Jr.
  • Ace In The Hole – Backed into a corner, Roy Ace risks it all for the one he loves to solve the greatest case of his life. Directed by Wesley T. Nelson.
  • Gator Farm – In suburban Florida, a wildly dysfunctional family reaches a breaking point as a large alligator escapes from a nearby gator farm. Directed by Zoe Robyn.
  • Clutch – A regular guy who is plagued with the uncontrollable power to make weapons appear and disappear at the worst random times. Directed by Seth Cotton.
  • Product Pain – A simple advertising shoot becomes unbearable when the ad agency artistic director decides the bottle is not providing enough visual tension. Directed by John Osmond.
  • No Messages – As he waits for an important phone call, Dave deals with the nagging suspicion that he has no idea where the hell his life is going. Directed by Cian McGarrigle.
  • Stewing – Devastated by the brutal end to his first serious relationship, a young man sets off on an epic adventure of revenge. Directed by Sean Tyson.

* Guarantee not valid in the state of Florida

Early Christmas

Sunday, August 25th, 2013


It’s only October but these shorts make it feel like December 25th!

  • Magi – On Christmas morning, a young boy who recognizes the severity of his mother’s illness undergoes a revelation about sacrifice and the true meaning of giving. Directed by Paul Kmiec.
  • The Color of Christmas – Walter Whitfield must walk through hell to deliver the Christmas his daughter wants. Directed by Cyrus Kowsari.