Showings for Maybe Tomorrow

October 19th, 2012 @ 1:45pm — Theatre 10
October 20th, 2012 @ 3:15pm — Theatre 12
Maybe Tomorrow
Michael Wolfe
After fifteen years of silence, three friends are finally forced to examine the manner in which a long-forgotten crime and cover-up has affected the course of their lives. Facing a lengthy prison sentence, RUSS MAHLER, a career criminal armed with a destructive secret, blackmails the only man that can get him off the hook, Manhattan District Attorney GRAHAM SEIFERT, whose Chief of Staff EVAN MIDLAND is called upon to facilitate a resolution.With his hands tied, Graham has Russ acquitted and upon Evan’s insistence, invites him out to his Hampton beach house for the weekend where the three of them will finally attempt to bury a memory that still haunts them. In one night, they will confront the sins of their pasts, face the flawed men they are in the present and determine what they must do to secure a future where hopefully, a better version of themselves will be waiting. Graham will choose between career ambitions and ideals long forgotten. Evan will decide once and for all whether to put his job or his family first. And Russ will search for a way to piece his life back together and reclaim the self he had abandoned years ago when that one night changed the lives of these three very different men. A night that drove them apart…but a night that would forever bind them.