Showings for Foreign Drama 3

October 19th, 2013 @ 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM — Theatre 8
  • The Green Line – A child gives a man a small plant that brings about a huge transformation in his life. Directed by Anu karakkat.
  • My Forest (Ma foret) – With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, mysteries and meetings. Directed by Sebastien Pins.
  • Go Up – A social outcast lives life vicariously through fake profiles created online. Directed by Roman Kayumov.
  • The Book – A teenager in the Ukraine stands at a point of decision- to sell drugs like his friends or follow his literature teacher’s advice to seek a higher path. Directed by Mike Peckham.
  • Damn Girl (Fucking Tøs)– Confronted with an incipient sexuality, a 12-year-old tomboy fights the changes that are taking place within and around her. Directed by Kira Richards Hansen.
  • Worthless (Zibidi) – Three friends hanging around in a cafe, make plans on where to go. Directed by Nart Zeqiraj.
  • Who’s Afraid Of The Big Black Wolf? (Kdo se boji črnega moža?) – A
multicultural triangle between a little shepherd
and two officers from opposite sides in 1944 occupied Central Europe. Directed by Janez Lapajne.