Showings for Foreign Drama 2

October 18th, 2013 @ 12:45 PM – 2:45 PM — Theatre 8
  • Rear Mirror (Retrovisor) – A car accident brings about conflicting emotions for an unfaithful girlfriend. Directed by Alberto Lavin.
  • Postaction – Alex kidnaps police officers in hopes of finding the father he never knew. Directed by Pascal Savard.
  • HomeMade (Tozeret Bait) – A mother from a kibbutz commits to clearing her son’s name after he is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. Directed by Lior Sagi.
  • The Naked Leading The Blind – A dissection of the human condition on a hot summer’s day blurred by alcohol, late night television and smoldering spirituality. Directed by Wim Vanacker.
  • The Blue Train (Le Train Bleu) – Elie behaves like a true bounder but Selena still wants to pick up the pieces to their relationship. Directed by Stephanie Assimacopoulo.
  • Lao – When an earthquake destroys an Italian city of L’Aquila, Lao is thrust into a world of loneliness and confusion. Directed by Gabriele Sabatino Nardis.