Showings for Five Hours South

October 19th, 2012 @ 4:45pm — Theatre 11
October 21st, 2012 @ 3:00pm — Theatre 7





A smalltown Italian carabiniere policeman struggles to reconcile everything  he cherishes in life with his passion for breakdancing, all the while dealing with a dark secret from his past. Then Hollywood steps in … Based on a true story.


Based on true events and set in South Italy with an American and Italian cast, Five Hours South (aka Crew2Crew)  takes all the conventions of the dance movie and turns them upside down and inside out. It tells the story of  Luca Santoro (Andres Londono, “Kingdoms of Grace”) a  small-town Italian carabiniere policeman stationed in the barren mountains of South Italy, trying to reconcile everything he cherishes in life with his passion for break-dancing, all the while dealing with a dark secret from his past. His longtime girlfriend Paola (Jeannine Kaspar, “Iron Man”) loves to watch him dance but, like her sister Samantha (Louise Linton, “Lions for Lambs”) and the rest of their families, she is anxious to see him settle down.

The flashy arrival in town of Luca’s boyhood pal Mino (Jordan Bridges, “Mona Lisa Smile”), back after years of absence in Rome makes Luca even more determined to chase his dream.  Then one night in the local club, Luca’s wild break dancing moves catch the eye of sultry dance company manager Fiona (Kate Nauta, “Transporters2”) and she encourages him to try out for the upcoming European tour.  When Luca is unexpectedly given a place and discovers that everyone at home is dead set against it, he turns his back on his family, quits his job , leaves the love of his life and takes the five hour train journey to Rome and the start of a whole new life. Will he make it as a dancer, and if he does, is it really worth giving up everything that means the most to him to achieve it?

Sworn oaths, blood brothers, the courage to look life in the eye after your fifteen minutes are up. A  journey of trust, betrayal and passion set in some of the most gorgeous locations in Italy…Five Hours South. It’s definitely about a lot more than the dance.