Showings for Embedded

October 18th, 2012 @ 9:00pm — Theatre 7
October 20th, 2012 @ 10:30pm — Theatre 11
Directed by:   Micheal Bafaro
Embedded is a found-footage action-thriller about a news reporter and cameraman who embed themselves with a group of hunters trying to find a missing 12 year-old boy in the woods.’WE ARE ALL GOD’S CREATURES, BUT SOME ARE MORE CREATURE THAN OTHERS’ The rogue grizzly bear thought to be responsible for the mysterious rash of livestock disappearances in the region is now being blamed for the deaths of three local men… this after their mutilated remains were discovered on a plateau leading into the nearby Rocky Mountains.
JAMES PARNELL, a seasoned correspondent for NBS news, was reluctant when sent to interview the residents of Hatt’s Creek about their theories on the strange happenings… But, after witnessing a pickup truck speed down Main Street to end in a horrific crash, Parnell, who has spent most of his career covering war stories in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Bosnia, knows he has a story… Parnell and his cameraman, TOM WHITTAKER, quickly rush to the scene only to be driven back by local sheriff, MIKE HOFFLER.  Being through this many times before, Tom hides behind a car and aims his lens on the dying man, capturing his last words:  ‘My boy… he’s still out there…’   Facing the real threat of a child becoming the next victim of this man-eating beast, Parnell knows there is only one thing to do … Go After The Story…Through the lens of the camera, Parnell and Tom embed themselves with the nine-man posse that sets off into the rugged wilderness terrain of the Rocky Mountains… to find the missing child… to track down and end the terror… and to later discover that some things reach beyond the darkest realms of human nature…