Showings for Bringing King to China – Documentary Feature

October 23rd, 2011 @ 3:50pm — Theatre 10

Bringing King to China is the story of a young American teacher in Beijing, whose failed protests against the Iraq war inspire her to produce a play in Chinese (Passages of Martin Luther King) about Martin Luther King, Jr. Her journey begins after she learns (mistakenly) that her father, an ABC journalist covering the war, has been killed by a suicide bomber.

Bringing King to China documents a cross-cultural dialogue about the current relevance of Dr. King’s philosophy of peace and non-violence. The feature-length documentary conveys the lead character’s “dream to build a bridge between the societies by talking about peaceful struggle and universal rights” (The New York Times). It chronicles her twelve-month struggle to interpret and adapt King’s message for Chinese society, preserve the historical accuracy of the U.S. civil rights movement, clear bureaucratic hurdles before opening night and raise funds to pay the theater company. Powerful and intimate, the film takes American viewers backstage at the National Theatre of China, as Chinese actors rehearse with African-American gospel singers. Directed by:  Kevin McKiernan