Showings for Animation Shorts

October 19th, 2013 @ 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM — Theatre 9
October 20th, 2013 @ 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM — Theatre 9


Showcasing a wide variety of technique & style, each of these animated masterpieces is a work of art.

  • Monkey Rag – Mitzi and Spanko the Walking Palm run amok in this bouncy romp set to the thumping sounds of the Asylum Street Spankers. Directed by Joanna Davidovich.
  • Pupsock & Wendell Vs. The Sky Pirates – When Princess Kathryn is abducted into a flying pirate ship, the Prince turns to Professional Princess Rescuers, Pupsock & Wendell. Directed by Patrick Algermissen.
  • Fear of Flying – A small bird with a FEAR OF FLYING tries to avoid heading South for the winter. Directed by Conor Finnegan.
  • The House With Nobody In It – To most people, it’s just a house with nobody in it. Inspired by Joyce Kilmer’s 1914 poem. Directed by David Carnegie.
  • Killer App – A young girl runs into some problems, when her father asks her to do some gardening. Directed by Elizabeth Herrick.
  • Light Me Up – Meet the Wattsons, a family of light bulbs that work in an antique shop. Directed by Ryan Walton.
  • Handi & V – Grandpa V takes time capsules and start to find his lost happiness. Directed by Fenway Fan.
  • Love Me Knot – A story about an anchor line that is shunned by the other newer, classier lines on a sailboat. Directed by Maryellen Atkins.
  • King Tigermore In Strawberry Fields – Eight-year-old Kimi falls asleep during a chess match in Central Park and imagines that the white king piece in his chess game has come to life. Directed by Tunde Reid-Kapo.
  • SP #6 – Theme is mythology, role, alienation, religion and a little madness. Directed by Carl Knickerbocker.
  • Pyrotechnician’s Daughter – Birdie-Lou is at the height of her career as a nuclear weapon engineer when she falls in love with a peace protestor. Directed by Courtney Taniguchi.
  • Pet Bird (Destimação)  – A parrot is seduced by the beautiful images of a light box and disrupts the morbid living room routine. Directed by Ricardo de Podesta.
  • Gravediggers Tale – The gravedigger leads a solitary existence, so far from the living, yet so close to the dead. This is her story. A love story. Directed by Min Young Oh.