Comedy 1

Comedy 1

A Leg Up

Runtime: 9m 43s

Crouching Lion, Hidden Treasure: The Musical

A magical journey of a princess’s quest to a fantastic somewhere. A lion, a ninja, and a treasure sought after Рwill she find what she seeks and be happy ever laughter?

Runtime: 5m 46s

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

An under-educated Southern woman’s job interviews are posted online and go viral; then Hollywood calls.  But Caroline’s polyamorous husband, her unscrupulous producer and a rodent infestation turn her reality show dreams into “Hollywood Hell.”

Runtime: 22m

The Cheerleader

A middle aged guy is left to his own devises when wife and kids go on a long vacation.

Runtime: 14m 56s

The Fairytale Syndrome

In this intimate and quirky comedy, Lisa celebrates 5 years of “recovery” in her love addiction support group, by sharing her rock bottom story.

Runtime: 8m 45s